Virtual Learning Magnets

The "Virtual Learning Magnet" is a project launched under the auspices of the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) with support from NASA.  It is designed to provide a customized learning opportunity to any student in the United States. 

Students in the VLMs will stay enrolled in their sending school and take traditional classes.  In addition they will take highly specialized courses as members of a designated cohort.  

 We anticipate launching the first VLM in the fall of '09.  It will be the Virtual Learning Magnet for Space, Science and Mathematics and NASA will be our major governmental cooperating agency.

  In advance of the full-fledged VLM, thanks to NASA we are launching a limited Proof-of-Concept in January 2009.  The Proof-of-Concept will involve up to 50 students from 14 jurisdictions in a Precollege Physics course.  An outline of the course can be seen by following this link.

Please feel free to access the materials developed to date about the VLMs and to extend your comments and suggestions to us as we continue development plans.